Electrical Safety Reports

EICRs ‘Electrical Installation Condition Reports’

An EICR is generally needed if you are buying or selling a property, a landlord certificate is needed for renting out a property or for general piece of mind.

It is recommended that electrical installations are periodically tested, for home owners every 5 years, for landlords every 5 years or change of tenant (whichever comes sooner).

Think of it as an MOT for your wiring systems so you can be sure your property meets safety requirements.

All aspects are checked and a detailed report is issued which will be thoroughly explained in plain English!


We use a ‘Fluke Multifunction tester’ which is professionally calibrated annually to guarantee accurate results.¬†Certificates are generated using iCertify software and all paperwork is stored for 7 years locally, ‘in the cloud’ and naturally the certificate is sent to the end user as a PDF file via email or printed as required.

We can also go one step further than most other contractors by utilising a thermal imaging camera to identify ‘hot spots’ to detect faulty electrical equipment, loose electrical connections and help avoid potentially dangerous overloading situations.

A word of warning!

Generally 4 to 5 hours onsite, plus office time has to be allotted to correctly complete an EICR on a domestic 3 bedroom semi detached house  to correctly fill in all the relevant certification and paperwork.

Beware of contractors offering cheap EICRs! They are false economy as it’s simply impossible to complete a thorough set of visual inspections and compile full test results for all circuits. Corners get cut and potential safety risks and deviations from the electrical regulations are missed. As with many things in life, you get what you pay for. Our Price starts at ¬£160 which covers one domestic consumer unit up to 8 circuits. Contact for a more detailed price if you have multiple consumer units.